Chunky Pearl Necklace

Necklaces have always been very popular among women.  They have also been considered fashionable jewelry for a very long time.  Necklaces have always successfully found places amongst the fashion accessories used by women of almost all ages and of every generation.  However, the types of necklaces mostly loved by women are pearl necklaces.  The strings of white pearls are categorized as one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry.  Pearls are available in different shades such as black, pink, white, cream, gold, dark green, blue and silver.  This type of jewelry is diversified into several different categories, but Chunky Pearl Necklaces holds a special position in every woman’s heart.

Chunky Pearl Necklace

What Makes Chunky Pearl Necklaces Unique?

There is absolutely no doubt that chunky pearl necklaces are different and exclusive. Imagine yourself donning a necklace made with a combination of pearls and gemstones.  There are gemstones available in different shapes and colors.  These stones can easily be combined with pearls into making a necklace with immense variety.  Chunky pearl necklaces have this distinct quality of going well with different styles and colors of outfits. They can easily be used for casual or formal looks. They are versatile pieces of jewelry due to the fact that they serve different purposes for each unique occasion.  When making the choice of a good pearl necklace, it is important for to consider the outfits which will be worn and potentially even the color of one’s skin.  Choosing a necklace by considering these facts can help you in enhancing your appearance and beauty.  Some of the most popular varieties of chunky pearl necklaces currently available in the market are as follows:

Novica Fair Trade Floral Pearl and Onyx Choker

This necklace is a very colorful cluster of gemstone flowers which captivates the senses.  This elegant choker has been hand-made and is centered using flowers of ginger quartz and cultured pearl black onyx featuring garnet accents.  It features blossoms posing on a circle made of stainless steel which has been wrapped using black cords.

Novica Handmade Quartz and Pearl Flower Necklace

This necklace is centered using faceted beads gardenias and pearls.  There are luxurious petals made of rose quartz lending exclusive fashion to the necklace along with clusters of opulent blossoms.  Such necklace can be closed using a clasp made of stainless steel.

Novica Cultured Pearl and Rose Quartz Beaded Necklace

This exclusive piece is very similar to the Novica Handmade Quartz and Pearl Flower Necklace with one exception.  The exception is that this necklace features a pendant which is a set of a beautiful strand of rose quartz globes and prehnite chips.  The chain and the clasp of this necklace have been made using sterling silver.

Stella Vella ‘Napa’ Faux Pearl Pendant Necklace

This is a simple pearl necklace inspired by geometric metal work and strong lines.  It is a very fashionable pendant necklace which has been intricately designed using lean metallic drops and stout curb chains.  This necklace has been finished using luminous crystal pearl.  It is an elegant pearl necklace which can be layered or worn alone for a fully-stacked appearance.

Women’s Pearl Necklaces from The Pearl Quarter

Chunky pearl necklaces available from The Pearl Quarter have always gone a long way in delivering the best when it comes to high quality pearls used in pearl necklaces.  Chunky necklaces available from this designer are long-length conventional necklaces with pearls that look extremely stunning.  The necklaces are handcrafted on sterling silver plated chains and they can easily be double up or worn long.

Humble Chic Classic Pearl Necklace

This is an adjustable 17 inch classic string necklace made of glass faux high quality pearls.  It is considered a must-have for women who are fond of jewelry in different varieties.

Novica Pearl and Garnet Necklace in Sterling Silver from India

This necklace reminds one of the classical Indian fashions.  It is an enchanting and fashionable necklace highlighting a gracious design.  The total weight of the necklace is 40 carats of garnets which have been accented using cultured and glowing freshwater pearls that dangle from the ornamental silver encasings.

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